From fragile to agile

From fragile to agile

How do we become agile? There is no fixed answer for this.

On 8 Sep 2017, Implement Consulting Group introduced this topic at Thought Leaders 2017. In the coming months we will explore the topic further through a content series on this website. 

Next, we focus on how to create exceptional organisations fit for the future through employee experiences. We explore this topic on Oct 26 at the Nordic HR Summit.

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Nordic HR summit: Creating Exceptional Organisations

26 October 2017 at Implement Consulting Group, Hellerup
All times are GMT+1. Sessions will be livestreamed.

09:00 Welcome. By Implement Consulting Group.

09:30 The Experiental Organisation. By Jacob Morgan.

11:00 Transforming HR at Maersk Oil. By Jesper B. Madsen, Maersk Oil.

12.00 Building a transparent organisation. Lizzi Jakobsen, SKAT.

14:00 Workshops

16:00 Learning Lab

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Keynote speaker



Futurist, best-selling author, keynote speaker. He is of the world’s leading authorities on the future of work, employee experience, and how the workplace is changing. And he is advising business leaders and organisations around the world.
In his latest book, he has analysed 250 global organisations to determine how we create workplaces where people genuinely want, not need to show up to work.

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This website is the work of Implement Consulting Group. We are a Scandinavian-based management consultancy with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Every year we host a list of events on various business topics. The “Thought Leaders” event, held approximately once a year and featuring some of the world’s sharpest business thinkers, is the biggest conference in our calendar.

Inspired by this year’s theme, we decided to do something extra: To expand the conference onto this site and let it live on to further explore and dig deeper into the many interesting topics touched upon during the conference. And also to involve interested audiences further and let you influence our thinking on the topic.